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Mind Over Mess is a power yoga community that believes in conditioning the body and mind, creating a routine that supports your mental and physical health. Mind Over Mess focuses on celebrating life's magic on and off the mat. Jesi, the Creator of Mind Over Mess, believes there is a direct connection between mental and physical strength that is not spoken about enough in the fitness industry. We become stronger through our practice, so we can tackle life's changes and challenges head on! Physical and mental health are equally important to acknowledge in your workout routine.

Jesi began Mind Over Mess when she started feeling consistent anxiety due to the pressure and expectations in today's society. She decided to focus less on the outside world, and more on what she could create from within. Mind Over Mess is her space to remind people of life's miracles instead of always the obstacles. Life is tough, but so are we!

Each month, Mind Over Mess hosts programs and drop-in style classes. By setting strong intentions in our weeks, we hold higher standard to our overall wellbeing. There is no greater investment and work commitment than your body and mind.

Jesi is available online or in person for private or group classes. Events and collaborations are always welcome as well.

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Signature ONLINE Classes
power yoga:  Reset & restore

A power yoga practice created to release tension through the power of breath and movement. Flowing to music, you can set up your room with dim lights, a few candles or fairy lights to help you find your ZEN.

 Power yoga: Power & Pulse

A power yoga practice created to sculpt your body through the power of breath and movement. Flowing to music, power & pulse classes enhance the physical workout in your yoga practice.


"I have been doing yoga consistently 2-3 days a week with Jes over the past 8 months virtually and I have never felt better. She is energetic and calming all at the same time and it just makes you want to show up on your mat. Jes is always changing up her Mind Over Mess programs by adding different classes to keep it fresh and fun and something for everyone.  I’m so grateful to be part of the amazing community Jes has created with her Mind Over Mess programs.  Having consistent yoga classes to look forward to during this pandemic has been a blessing. Keep up the great work Jes, you’re a natural." 

"It’s hard to believe that this is just the start of Jesi’s yoga teaching journey! 10 months have flown by & I can honestly say that having Jesi there to guide me not only in practice but be there as a friend and mentor outside of class times has been life changing. Each week when we meet, either in a drop in class or during one of her many programs it is always the highlight of my week. Her positive and motivating energy yet caring and compassionate tone always make me feel so welcome in the amazing community she has built! Jesi opened my eyes to seeing yoga and mediation in a new light. As someone who was always uncomfortable with journaling and meditation but loved the workout and flow of yoga, I now see how it truly all comes together to better you in mind, body and soul and I have Jesi to thank for that! I can’t wait to see how much you continue to grow and how many more souls you will touch with your magic!" 

"I had the pleasure of running one of Jesi’s mindfulness programs alongside her, which allowed me to be both her partner in crime, and student! Jesi’s ability to make anyone in a room feel comfortable and seen for who they are is a gift that I feel very few have. She makes it her mission to provide healthy space for people to express themselves, whether that be through her yoga practice, affirmations or conversations inside and outside of her classes/ programs. Jesi, you are a true light in the world and this community that you continue to build is so grateful for you. Thank you for all that you do, we absolutely adore and love you!" 

About  Jesi

My name is Jesi & I am a Power Yoga Teacher and the creator of Mind Over Mess, a mindfulness and yoga community. I am here to share my passions and practices toward health, happiness and self discovery.

I grew up being heavily involved in dance and cheerleading, continuing with cheer until I was 20 years old. My focus shifted as I graduated University and found myself overwhelmed in a world full of endless opportunity. With so many directions and distractions, I was struggling with my mental health and well being. Around this time I began practicing power yoga. Whether a good day or bad, I found a way to move my body on my mat. As consistency in my practice improved, I quickly began to understand the power of breath and movement in your daily routine. I found myself becoming more comfortable in my own skin and remembering what was important to me. Not what was important to friends, society, coworkers, bosses, family or the internet. It was MY life I needed to write the story for, and with this realization I also became dedicated to cleansing my mind and body consistently through yoga and mindfulness practices. I became a Certified Instructor August 2020 and created  Mind Over Mess, my Yoga & Mindfulness Community in October that year. I meet with students looking to begin, expand and enhance their practice. Most importantly, the community works on their individual goals, but we work together to hold one another accountable and empowered. Yoga is a way of living day to day, not a singular practice. Life can throw a lot your way, but with consistent self practice, you begin to make space in your mind and body so anything holding you back can be worked through. Yoga is a complete physical, mental and emotional practice depending on what you need that day. Give yourself space to clear your mind on your mat consistently, making room for more of life’s magic

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